Turista nella mia città is a day dedicated to all the tourists that want to discover the wonderful treasures in the Civic Museums of Verona.

During the whole day, at different times, seven guided tours will be offered in the following Civic Museums of Verona:

at 10.00 am – Anfiteatro Arena
at 11.30 am –   Museo Lapidario Maffeiano
at 2.30 pm –  Museo Archeologico al Teatro Romano
at 3.00 pm –  Galleria d’Arte Moderna Achille Forti Palazzo della Ragione
at 3.30 pm –  Museo di Castelvecchio
at 4.00 pm –  Museo Civico di Storia Naturale
at 5.00 pm-  Museo degli Affreschi G.B. Cavalcaselle

the events are on the following dates:

Every first Sunday of the month, until may 2020: November the 3rd, December the 1st, January the 5th, February the 2nd, march the 1st, April the 5th, may the 3rd

  • One hour guided tours
  • The price of each tour is € 5.00 per person excluded the ticket: from October until May, the first Sunday of each month is € 1.00.
  • Payment on the spot
  • Limited availability

Registration is required within the preceding Friday until 12 pm at:

Segreteria didattica dei Musei del Comune di Verona
da lunedì a venerdì  ore 9 -13 e 14-16, sabato ore 9 – 13
tel. 045 8036353 – 045 597140