At Piccolo Hotel Nogara we want to make your stay special:

for this reason we do not leave out any details.

With commitment and care we devote ourselves to respect for nature and the environment by proposing an ECOLOGICAL VACATION for a respectful stay in respect of the territory.

Discover and support our green philosophy through the activities we undertake by impact: WASTE recycling no use of disposable tableware WATER we communicate to our customers the properties of our water, reminding them that it is absolutely drinkable POWER LED lighting and preference for natural light for ambient lighting individual temperature self-regulation system in each room so as to avoid unnecessary waste of air conditioning / heating FOOD Our Breakfast Buffet presents certified organic cultivation products and local producers in order to guarantee wholesome food COLLECTIVE TRANSPORTATION We inform our customers about train and bus times LIGHT MOBILITY We inform our customers about all the services that our country offers, having all the very first necessities NOISE We sensitize our guests to respect the silent hours dictated by national and municipal regulations.