Risultati immagini per ogni cliente è il primo

  • The revolutionary ozone sanitizing system for hotel rooms

We’re only 2 Hotels in all Veneto area offering this service completly free.

Rooms are purified eliminating bacterial loads from previous guests and restoring a pristine environment, ready to welcome new guests.

OZOSÌ enters into contact with air, surfaces and fabrics (carpets, curtains, mattresses, bedspreads, pillows and towels) in a short time; thanks to its proprietary ozone-based operating system, OZOSÌ attacks a variety of oxidizing organic compounds, inactivating them and eliminating odors, smoke residue, mites, bacteria, fungi, molds and viruses.

Risultati immagini per DORELAN

Our new Dorelan matrasses have hypo-allergenic fabrics which prevent mite proliferation safeguarding more and more customers suffering from allergies.